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  • How to choose a Mineral Foundation colour.

    Cool vs warm colours shown on the colour wheel.

    Choosing a foundation colour may seem daunting if you don’t know what to look for.  So here are the basics to take the guess work out of choosing your base:

    Step 1 – Choose the depth.

    The depth of your foundation is how light or dark you are. This is reasonably straight forward. The depth of foundation that is right for you is one that seems to disappear on your skin or can be noticed as little as possible. It blends into your skin well.  If you feel you are too pale and want to deepen your skin a bit, do that with bronzer, not your foundation.


    Step 2 – Choose the tone.

    Everybody has a warm or cool skin tone. If you have a warm skin tone, there will be more yellow or orange visible in your skin. If you have a cool skin tone, there will be more pink or a blue undertone visible in your skin. Okay so nobody is totally orange or blue to look at, but there is a tinge of those colours to their skin. Look at the underside of your wrist: If you are a cool complexion, your veins will look bluish. If you are a warm complexion, the veins on the underside of your wrist will look more greenish.


    Cool toned people may have hair that is black, ash brown or ‘mousey’ brown, or sandy blonde. Their eye colour may be blue or grey, or brown. It is less common that a cool person will have green or hazel eyes, but it can happen. If the hair is grey/white, consider what the colour used to be.

    Warm toned people may have hair that is black, warm brown or golden brown, chestnut, red, copper, or a golden blonde. Their eye colour may be a vibrant or greenish blue, brown, green or hazel. If the hair is grey, consider what the colour used to be.


    You may see Cool, Warm and Neutral tones available in foundation. Some people will be warm or cool but may suit more neutral tones in foundation which are neither strong cool or warm colours. A warm toned foundation powder is more yellow/orange based. A cool toned one is more pink/blue.


    If you want to see pictures and examples or know more about warm and cool colours, this is a good website to visit: http://www.truth-is-beauty.com/index.html


    Step 3 – Test the colour.

    Some people are able to decide on a colour by looking at colour swatches on an online store. If you have experience with choosing foundations before, and have been able to decide whether you are warm or cool, choosing the depth can be done through looking at colour swatches online. If you are seriously lost though, we are happy to send out small colour samples to first time customers for free.  Just contact us. We can also help you choose your foundation colour.


    Always brush a little bit of foundation onto your face to check the colour, never the back of your hand or inside of your arm. Your neck may be lighter than your face and chest, so in that case match to your face and chest, and then apply a little bit of bronzer on your neck if you would like to even it all up.


    If you would like to try one of our foundation colours we would be happy to send you a free sample.  You may try up to 4 colours if you are a first time customer.  We are also happy to help with your colour selection. Contact us via email:  contact@mineralcosmetics.co.nz

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